Why Wine is a Better Gift Than Socks

We’ve all had that moment. We are sitting in the gifting circle, surrounded by family or coworkers. We see our present. Our hearts fill with elation–we have a GIFT! Nevermind that it was socially required that your gifter provide you with a gift–it is truly special and touching, because that perfectly wrapped package is just for YOU. Christmas magic hums in our veins as we peel away the brightly colored paper. The box pops open, we reach inside…and the magical hum grinds to a halt. Visit Fine Wine Club Reviews to get a sure thing.

It’s a decorative pillow, size appropriate for a small Dachshund dog, printed with what appears to be a cross-stitched image of Rudolph and… Santa? Or is that a tomato with eyes? In addition, the pillow is covered in crumbs, because there is also a handful of Christmas cookies that look suspiciously similar to the ones put out on the table at the beginning of the party. You stare at your gift and force a smile. The awkward smile. The smile that indicates to everyone except the oblivious individual who gifted this to you, that what is about to come out of your mouth is entirely insincere,




Are You the Awkward Gifter?

Perhaps you have been the recipient of the decorative pillow, or maybe the infamous ugly sweater. Examples are endless: underwear designed for a five year old, instead of someone in college; socks; weight loss programs; spanx; a Native American flute, complete with feathers and dream catchers dangling off it; a CD of the most obscure experimental music ever contrived. The point is–we’ve all been there, in that horribly awkward position where you are required to express deep gratitude for something that you would never, ever,ever want.

Now that we have an appreciation for the awkward recipient, let us strive to not be the awkward gifter! Because if there is a worse moment than getting that gift, it is the moment where you realize that what you gave to your co-worker was the lamest gift in the office, and everyone knows it. It’s your cue to make a quick trip to the bathroom to hide your shame, and swear reform your terrible gift-giving ways.

How To Be the Best Gift-Giver All Year Long

When we think about those with whom we spend our time, let’s think about what they like. Not what we want, or what our great-aunt Sarah wants, or even what we think that they need. What do most people want for Christmas? What could you get them to ensure that you become the office’s or family’s best gift-giver?

According to a recent poll, 7 out of 10 people confirmed that getting classy and delicious wine shipped directly to their front door for Christmas (and once every month for the rest of the year) ranked pretty high on their Christmas wish list. Lucky for us, wine clubs do just this. But why is this so amazing? Let’s uncork this idea…

1) Wine clubs staff wine experts. They hand pick the wine that is the most delicious, most exciting, most delectable, so your friend is saved the burdensome task of standing in the market staring at the rows and rows of wine trying to choose which one he/she might actually love.

2) It’s shipped directly to your gift-recipient’s home. Every month. Do you see what this means? It means that you are an amazing gifter in December. You are an amazing gifter in January. In February. In March, April, May, and all the way until next Christmas! Your friends will be hearing about your amazing gift all year long. You will be getting monthly thank you’s.


Not that you’re pretentious or anything…it’s just nice to be appreciated.

3) It’s easy. So beautifully, fantastically easy. Add this as your gift to you. The holiday season is crazy enough prepping for the in-laws, making travel plans, getting gifts for your kids–the last thing that you need to worry about is one more Secret Santa gift for the co-worker you barely know. A few clicks, a couple seconds, and your gift giving is done. Cross that off your Christmas list.

One, two, three. That is how quickly and easily you can become the least awkward gift giver this Christmas season. (Though be sure to check beforehand if your giftee is a tee-totaller. Otherwise, that would be awkward.) To learn more about wine visit northwest wines.

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